Start the game. If you would like to go ahead and participate, choose ‘Championship’. You will be prompted to enter (your):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • DOB
  • Mobile Number
  • Accept the Terms and conditions

  • And then go ahead and complete your account verification using the OTP that is sent to your mobile number. You are all set to play the Championship and win real money!

    To compete for any of the real money games, you need to buy Tickets or Subscriptions to play sessions. Subscription options allow unlimited access to the respective game for the time duration you choose (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). Tickets purchased allow you to make certain number of attempts as defined in the shop screen during purchase.

    To start the game you would need an internet connection. However, In order to update your score into our database and for other reasons, you need to have internet connectivity. If there is a sudden disconnection during your game play, the gameplay won’t get affected and the score will still get recorded in our database as soon as you are connected to the internet again.

    Once you fill up your winner form and provide your ID proof, we aim to process your winnings within 72 working hours, post the verification of the player and respective details.

    Yes, they are simple and easy to play. These games are designed to make sure they can be played by everyone!

    If you use an android phone please follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on “Download android APK” for the game you want to install.
  • Step 3: Click on settings and enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Step 4: Click on next and then install.
  • Step 5: Once installed, click on open to play your favourite game.
  • NOTE: We are not available on Google Play Stores as Google doesn’t allow/entertain real money contests based games/applications.

    If you use an iPhone/iOS device please follow the below steps:
  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on “Download for iOS” button, which will redirect you to the Apple store download page for the respective game.
  • Step 3: Click on download to install the game.
  • Step 4: Once installed, go back to home screen and click on icon to play your favourite game.
  • We have three different genres that we host at present. Racing, arcade and word. More to come!

    Your rank can be seen on the leaderboard daily/ Weekly/ Monthly.

    There could be a few reasons, to list a few:

  • Delay from the bank
  • Bank holidays
  • Incorrect details provided (bank details and Identity check)
  • Violation of smgl terms and conditions.

  • Please contact our customer care and we shall help you understand what could be the possible reason!

    There could be a few reasons, to list a few:

  • If your playtime clashes with the leaderboard reset time and your score is pushed to the previous day
  • If you kill the app accidentally

  • Please contact our customer care and we shall help you understand what could be the possible reason!

  • 404 error occurs when the player has violated any of the terms and conditions
  • 500 error occurs when a file size exceeds 1MB while uploading for the verification process

  • Please contact our customer care and we shall help you understand what could be the possible reason!

    If you have any lag while playing, please screen record the game and send it to

    For every big leap of 7 steps (maximum) every step is counted as a tile and 7 tiles yields 7 points.

    Score for Highway pro is calculated depending on the distance travelled which is 10 points per km. Near misses fetch you 30 points and driving high speed of over 120km gives you 100 points per second.

    For the word hunt game the score is calculated depending on the length of the word plus the time used from the left over time of 180 seconds provided for the entire game. Every alphabet carries 10 points.


    Eight winners will be announced for each category respectively — Daily, Weekly and Monthly

    If there are two players tied on the same position, both the winning amounts will be added up and divided among both equally. This method is also applicable in the case where there are more than two winners in the same position.

    Please note that the system (game) upgrades your level based on your winnings (a certain cash reward - criteria listed below) as well as skill. This has been implemented to maintain fair gameplay and give chance to everyone to win. Below is the structure for the same:

    S$ 600 0
    S$ 1,200 1
    S$ 2,400 2
    S$ 3,600 3
    S$ 4,800 4

  • Daily leaderboard resets at 12AM SST.
  • Weekly leaderboard resets on every Monday 12AM SST.
  • Monthly leaderboard resets on the 1st day of every month at 12AM SST.
  • Yes! You are allowed to be multi skilled in our platform. You can win across all 3 games on any particular day, week or month.

    Yes it is absolutely safe to make a payment using a Debit/Credit card. We work with reputed payment gateways to enable safe transactions for you. We do not save your card information with us for any purposes.


    Contact our Customer Care at | +6531580435 and your profile will be deleted from our database.

    Just install the game again on the same device (used earlier) and your tickets or subscriptions will be accessible to you again just as they were before you uninstalled the game.

    Once you sign up to play the Championship, you get assigned a player ID. Click on the Referral button on the main menu screen and share your player ID with your friends using the share button and both you and your friends will get one free ticket each.

    Get in touch with our support team at | +6531580435 and they will guide you on how to do this.

    If you have had problems accessing your purchase, please contact our support team at immediately with your transaction ID to resolve the issue.

    You can win a free ticket by referring friends and family. Share the player ID you were assigned after signing up to play a Championship and both you and your friend will get one free ticket each.

    No, once you have subscribed, refunds are not possible. Please be sure before making a purchase as once an item is purchased it cannot be refunded.

    If you are one of the top 8 winners (daily/weekly/monthly), you will be notified through our customer support team on your registered mobile numbers and will also guide you on the further verification and cash out process.

    You can access terms and conditions page on the sign up page. If you have already signed up, you can access the “Terms and Conditions” from the settings menu in-game.

    We have provided a “Support” button and the customer care phone number in the settings menu, you can tap on the “Support” button to email us your queries or issues or directly write us at

    Sure-fire, you will be able to claim you winning on any game you play.

    If you are facing issues with our game on your device, please tap on the “Support” button in the settings menu and report it to us. We shall get in touch with you.

    All 3 games are different and we don’t require you to register in all 3, but we encourage you to join, play and win all three games. All three offer a diverse experience.

    There could be a few reasons for your name not appearing in the leaderboard. One common noted reason is internet connectivity. Once you end your game you will require internet connectivity to feed your score to the leaderboard so ensure you remain connected.

    The winnings of each game will be awarded separately. Your bank account will reflect three different transactions for three different games.

    On any given day if a player ranks number one in all three games stands to win SGS$600 and On a weekly basis, if a player is Number one in all 3 games, the maximum they can win is SGS$1800 and on a monthly basis, if a player is Number one in all 3 games stands a chance to win S$4500.

    Our games are compatible on all Android Kitkat (i.e. 4.4+) or later and iOS 9.0 or later platforms. However we recommend using devices with a 2GB RAM for optimum experience.

    We host a number of secured options some of them are Debit/Credit/Visa/Master Cards, PayPal to name a few.

    No, you cannot use more than one account in any of the games. This is strictly against the terms and conditions of SMGL.

    If the system detects any violation of terms and conditions it prompts the above message and you are requested to contact the SMGL support team at the earliest.

    At times to enhance the user experience we schedule a maintenance break with prior notice.

    When we have new features to be introduced we would require you to update your application in order to enable these features.

    No, winnings will be only transferred to the person whose registration name matches the ID proof and bank details provided

    Yes, you can practice the game before your first purchase for the Racing Game and Arcade. However for Word Hunt we do not have a practice mode but we provide the first tutorial attempt for free to allow users experience the game.

    We have an anti-fraud system to protect fraudulent transactions. You may be seeing this message because, you may have initiated too many transactions, used different cards on the same account, made too many requests from same IP address.

    We at SMGL do not encourage a joint account being used to avoid issues as such but exceptionally we may consider depending on the situation.

    Please reach out to our customer care team and provide all the necessary details so they could trace your winnings and process it accordingly.

    In order to change bank account details you would require to send a VOID cheque copy along with an ID proof to

    You may contact us on the below:

  • Customer care support Number : +6531580435
  • E-mail us :
  • Chat with us on our Website page :
  • Whatsapp Number : +6581520529
  • Yes, a tourist can play SMGL games provided he holds a Singapore phone number and Singapore bank account.

    We will always require only a parent to fill a Parent consent form, however, in the absence of Parents, a Guardian with valid information and ID proof could sign on behalf of the parents. Note: Guardian is required to send an ID proof and provide their bank details.

    When a weekly or monthly subscription is purchased, you will only see a timer indicating the duration of the subscription.

    The reason you see your player ID instead of your name is because your name is exceeding the limit of 25 characters.

    The reason you do not see that option is because you might have already used a referral code in the past.

    You may refer your player ID to as many people as you would like. In fact, we encourage you to invite as many people as you would like.

    You are required to fill the below information

  • Name as per the bank
  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • BIC/SWIFT Code
  • ID proof (NRIC, PRID, Passport, Employment pass, Work permit, S pass, Student pass, Dependent pass)

  • Note: All information provided on the winning form must match the details provided at the time of registration. In case they defer please contact our customer support at the earliest.


    League is open to all Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and holders of valid employment passes or work permits.

    Only persons aged 13 years old and above are eligible to participate in the Singapore Mobile Gaming League. This is subject to the consent of the parents or legal guardian (13 Years to 17 Years), as the case may be. We may ask the birth certificate to establish family lineage. This will not apply to those who are 18 years and above.

    You can either submit a NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) / Passport / Employment Pass / Work Permits / PRID Card / Student Pass / S.Pass / Dependent Pass.

    No, the documents are required by us to identify you and pass on the cash rewards to the correct eligible individuals.

    SMGL stands for Singapore Mobile Gaming League. A first of its kind skill-based gaming competition where you can play multiple simple games on your phone to win cash prizes every day.

    Yes, absolutely. The games chosen are purely skill based and do not involve any element of luck/chance and hence abides by the Law on Gaming in Singapore.

    Yes, Absolutely! Your data is well protected by our internal security guidelines. We make all reasonable efforts to abide by the framework of Singapore PDPA(Personal Data Protection Act 2012).

    Yes, real people do win every day and receive real money.

    There is no element of luck\chance. All our games are all skill based.

    It’s mandatory to have a Singapore based bank account to claim your winnings!

    Playing at SMGL gives you an opportunity to win real money with these easy to play games. The cash out processes is fast. Which means once you fill out your cash out form your cash out will be processed within 72 business hours. And not to forget these games are all safe and legal to play.

    Google is not a sponsor for any our games as there is real money involved and the customer has to log on to our website to download these games